Accessing Integrations: 

Go to Dashboard> Settings> Integrations

Activating Integrations:

  • Create a Zapier account at
  • Go to to access the integrations page on your Omnify dashboard.
  • Click on the Zapier card.
  • A pop-up will appear asking you to follow 3 steps.
  • After Logging into Zapier, hit the invitation link.
  • This will open up Omnify’s integration with Zapier.

Setting up a Zap:

Setting a Trigger:

  • Zapier works on a Trigger -> Action basis ie. for every event that happens you can have a corresponding action taking place.
  • To get started, choose Omnify as the Trigger app.
  • Next, choose a trigger. At the moment we support only one trigger - ‘When a new customer is added’.
  • Then you will be asked to connect to an account. Use the API token from the integrations page on your dashboard to connect your account.
  • Click on test to check if it is connected.
  • Now choose a business to which you want the integration to be applied.
  • Go ahead and click continue

 Setting an Action:

  • We now have to set up an action that will occur once a trigger is fired.
  • First, choose an action app - this can be any of the other apps like Gmail, Drip, MailChimp etc.
  • Next, connect your account to the flow.
  • Moving on, you will have to either simply test the step or complete an extra step like fill an email template depending on the app being integrated.
  • From here you have two options. One is to continue the flow by adding another action step. You can even add a filter to impose conditions on the continuation of the flow. The other is to end the flow, name your zap and activate it.

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