Migrating to Omnify from other software

Hello there! Welcome to Omnify! I know you’re thinking about the amount of work you’ll have to put into migrating over but this guide will help you zip past it with little effort and in no time at all.

Exporting from Other:

First, we need to export the information into an excel sheet. To do that follow these steps:

For exporting people:

  • Export the client list in xls format. This will save the data on your computer in the form of a spreadsheet.

For exporting Memberships and Class Packs:

  • Export the Membership or Class Pack list in  xls  format. This will save the data on your computer in the form of a spreadsheet.

Importing into Omnify:

Now that you have exported all the required data you can proceed to import it to Omnify.

For importing clients info:

  • This is a feature that’s available on paid plans and not on trial. Once you have upgraded, we will add import button under Clients.
  • Upload the excel sheet.
  • Map columns to the respective fields.
  • Name, email and phone number are compulsory fields. The rest are optional.

For importing class pack and membership details:

  • Go to Settings -> Bulk booking.
  • In the Select Service, Type drop down choose the relevant option.
  • It's highly advisable to download the sample excel sheet and fill the data there so that the upload is done in the correct format.
  • For Memberships, we accept the name, email and start date as the fields. The date format should be YYYY-MM-DD
  • For Classpacks we accept the name  , email and start date as the fields. There is an extra field for credits which is optional. The Date Format should be MM/DD/YYYY
  • After uploading, map the column with the corresponding field name.
  • Now select the Payment method. 
  •  A) If they have already paid, mark it as offline and choose that they have already paid via card, cash, check etc. 
  •  B) If you want to send them a payment link, select online. This will send everyone an email with a payment link
  • While doing this you can choose to send them a Welcome email. It's advisable to send a welcome email so that the members can set-up their account. You can edit the content of the email by going to Dashboard>Settings>Auto-emails>Edit Welcome Email
  • Click on the book button.

We'll help you import the class pack and membership details. All you have to do is share the excel sheet in the correct format mentioned above and also mention the Membership and Class Pack name along with the customer details. 

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