Quick Set-up

Set-up Business

You've probably signed up and created your account. So, you are all set up with your account. Now the next step is to set-up your Business. 

1. Go to your Dashboard. Click on Settings and then click on General

2. Choose your Time-zone and Currency.

3. Select the Date and Time Format from the list

4. Update your Location. 

  • Business Location: example: Canary Wharf, Covent Garden
  • Full Address: Enter your full address. This will be displayed in your Contact Information
  • Connect it with Google Maps: Enter your full address and link it to Google Maps

5. Enter the Open and Close Time for your Business.

6. Click on Save

Set-up Website

The most important part is to set-up your Website right. Your customers will come to your website and make bookings. 

1. Go to your Dashboard. Click on Website and then click on Setup

2. Fill in the following details:

URL: You can change the URL of your Omnify website. 

Link your Social Accounts: Link your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and your Blog URL to drive your customers to your social media pages

Wordings: To translate English words into another language or otherwise to change the terminology, update any of the fields.

Website Colour: Customise the colour of your website to match your brand, logo or existing website

Upload Cover Photo: Ideal size 1536 x 871

Upload Logo: 180 x 180

Remove Logo: If you do not intend to show the Logo over your Cover Photo, you can uncheck the Show Logo box

3. Click on Save Button:

Set-up Services







Set-up Payments

Connecting Stripe

Connecting PayPal

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