You can use Memberships to set up your recurring Memberships, Passes etc. 

1. Go to  Dashboard, click on Services

2. Click on  Memberships and then click on Create Membership button

3. Fill in the details 

  • Name: Enter the name o the Membership (example: Yoga Membership)
  • Description: Enter a Description for the Membership
  • Duration and Price: Enter the Duration and attach a price to it. Example: 1 Month- $200. If you want to add more, Select a duration again

  • Tags: Enter Tags if you want to use the filters option. Click here to see how you can create filters tag. Leave it blank if you want to skip this.
  • Joining Fee: If you want to charge a one-time joining fee to your new customers, add a price to it. This will only be applied to new customers. Enter 0 if you do not want to charge Joining Fee.
  • Auto Pay: Auto Pay is an automated feature available for memberships. This feature is automatically enabled for customers. With Auto Pay, they will be charged on a recurring basis. This feature is only available on Stripe

4. Click on Save

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