In order to be able to publish widgets on your website, you need to have your services created. Omnify allow you to create and edit widgets in the dashboard with the results being applied in real time. To connect your site you need to add a small piece of code into the code of the page. You will need to do this only once.

Here are the steps to install Widgets on your Website:


1. Go to Dashboard and click on Service Store and then click on Widgets

2. Click on Create a Button Widgets Button

3. Select a Service from the Category drop-down list (ex: Class, Classpack etc)

4. Select the name of the Service (ex: Zumba Class, Kid's Summer Camp)

5. Now type in what text you want to be in the Button (ex: Book Now, Buy the Class etc)

6. Select the Text colour and Button Colour

7. Click on Generate 

8. Copy and code and paste it into your existing site.


1. Go to  Dashboard and click on Service Store and then click on Widgets

2. Click on  Create an Iframe Widget Button

3. Select a the Sections of the Widgets you want to show in your iframe. Disable the ones you do not want to show

4. If needed, you can change the height and width of the iframe

5. Click on  Generate 

6. Copy and code and paste it into your existing site.

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