Creating Filters for Service Store and Mobile

With Filters, your customers will be able to filter your services on your service store and Mobile App 

  1. Go to Dashboard and click on Services. 
  2. Click on any service you want to create. Click here to see how you can services
  3. To add Filters, 
  • Scroll down to Tags. 
  • Create a Parent Tag. Parent Tags are broader Tags under which you can create multiple child tags. 


Parent Tag: Location                                        Child Tag: Covent Garden/ Canary Wharf/ Wimbledon

Parent Tag: Level                                             Child Tag: Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced

  • Create a Child Tag under the Parent Tag. Example: Under Parent Tag 'Location', Child Tag is 'Covent Garden'.
  • Click on + Button to add the Tags

4. Once you are done with creating the service, click on Save

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